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im in love with a boy who hates me?

so I'm 12. he's 13. he figured out I liked him on his own last year, and someone told him in july. I've loved him for 2 years. I know him from dance, and he has an amazing voice and he's a great actor. of course, every girl likes him. well I wrote his name on a notebook 300 times yesterday at rehearsal because I was really bored...well my friend posted it on Instagram. today his mom told my mom that he was a little upset because he felt like an object at our dance studio. I feel terrible. earlier I left a comment saying "Hey- so I know I've been really stalker-ish in the last few months. I would be creeped out too if someone did this to me. I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry. I was wondering if we could still be friends-if that's okay with you." well he saw it. And ignored it. I feel terrible. he doesn't go to my school, and my friend who does said that he was all quiet at school, and he was giving her funny looks. I think I depressed him. he is always laughing, and he's the kind of kid who's impossible to hate. he is literally the nicest boy I have ever met. and I think I broke him.

2013-12-19 04:08:11

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