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yeast infection or hsv 2 outbreak?

I am 46, female, and positive for hsv 2. In all the years I never even knew I had hsv2, until recently. never had a typical outbreak of any kind. recently I have had long continuous bouts of bladder pain & urgency. Never is it a uti. Just hurts so bad when I have to pee, but once I do, its total relief. doesn't burn at all. been to urologists, some thought maybe it was IC. had a scope done, and no IC. They ran some tests and thats how they found hsv 2. Can hsv 2 affect the bladder or the nerves in that area , instead of the typical blisters? Also, I had what I thought was a yeast infection, but no discharge. starting to wonder if its part of the hsv 2. I just get red , sore, and itchy. Is hsv 2 a possibility here? this bladder pain has been going on for 2 years off and on.

2013-12-19 04:09:35

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