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Helpp my life is ruined :(?

hi, please help me..this is my first semester in a community college and i took really hard clasess like calc, physics, english and psychology my grades are up and i got a c for physics... i am a straight A student and this is really bad i was crying becuase of that grade and for english i got a B+ ..i took college credit courses before, so am pretty familiar with collegestuff and i got As (but i got one D &i repeated it) ..idk why i am scoring soo low i was expecting to get As so i can transfer to rutgers engineering school now the only A i have is calc... my GPA is 3.5 which is okay but still i am ashamed of myself and cant even tell my mom about my grades she is gonna start saying am a best friend got accepted into rutgers and i didnt and my SAT are lower than hers and am in community getting low grades am such a faliure :'( please tell me what to do should i tell my mom? am i gonna get accepted into engineering school with such low physics grade? am literally crying :'( please help , i cant even enjoy my winter break :(

2013-12-19 04:06:19

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