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Is it excusable to marry/use someone for a green card?

My question is, is it excusable to marry/use a woman in the US just for a green card if you are poor in your country and if you want a better life? Like, if you don't plan on staying with her, you are only with her to get papers but she thinks it's for real? In my opinion, it is ok because if someone wants a better life and if they are poor. After all, that woman wouldn't lose anything, like her job or school or whatever. I would be the one losing like leaving college, for example, for a better that's my point, the woman wouldn't lose anything, but I would so it would be ok in my opinion. What do you think? Additional Details P.S. No the woman would not know that it is just for papers, she would think it's for love....would it be ok???

2013-12-19 04:05:19

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