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Dating plans and I can't figure out where to go?

So I am 17 and I am going on my first date with this girl I met who was 16. I am stuck between going to a science center, ice rink, or movie theater. We will go out to eat first, but which place should we go to afterwards? We met at the ice rink so I thought we should do something different. If we go to the movies we might not get to talk much and get to know each other. The science center has roller coaster simulators, Robots that play basketball with you, activities basically everywhere. Also has a laser show. I thought that if we went there we could be interacting more and talk more rather than just sitting at the movies with nothing to say. I am new in town so I don't know many things to do but I went to the science center with my family and it was pretty fun. I asked her about some cool things to do in the city but she doesn't go out much and really only knows about the ice rink.

2013-12-19 04:12:46

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