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My Natural Hair!! I Need Help!!?

I cut my dreadlocks of in March of 2013 and went to a length I wasn't comfortable with which was a TWA and it bothered me so bad. I cut my hair three times because I thought I had split ends which wasn't the case my hair was transitioning for a little. I began straightening my hair a lot and it didn't get heat damage but I was really close to getting it! I then went fully natural in July of 2013 and as I started doing my hair I noticed that the front is WAY WAY longer than anywhere else and that I have some spot in my hair that are REALLY REALLY short. :( That part is most of the back its about 3 inches where my sister who just recently cut her hair is where my and inch longer than my hair. I have two questions. What are some good products to use on Natural Hair? and Why is my hair so short in different places?

2013-12-19 04:11:35

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