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Keeping my mind off of love and romance?

I just recently got my heart broken I guess. I fell really hard for a friend of mine and things just fell off. It was long distance and we didn't get into a fight or any type of argument, the last time we talked was on facebook a few months ago. That's it. He just disappeared. It sent me into a deep depression and I decided to just try to avoid romance for a while. I have never had a boyfriend before or anything like that. Because I am very shy and don't really know how to really be in a relationship. I am going to start school next month and I am hoping that will help some. I occasionally go out with friends but he always crosses my mind. I don't have a probably meeting guys I am just very picky I suppose. I don't even really know what I like in a guy hahaha most of the guys I have fallen for where very cute to me and I just enjoyed talking to them. It's not that I am looking for romance or love it's just when it happens it's hard for me to let go and I guess like the idea of being in love with someone. I am young only in my early 20s. How can I forget about love and romance?

2013-12-19 04:15:22

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