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How do I get over my fear of bugs?

I am absolutely TERRIFIED of bugs! Even ants and flies and worms scare me. I'm the person who literally cries and screams KILL IT! One time I saw this weird looking beetle on the bus and it was making a strange noise. I started crying and everyone thought that I was hurt and that it bit me. Then I got so scared I jumped into the seat in front of me and ran to the front of the bus to sit next to a sixth grader and get as far away from the bug as possible. Everyone made fun of me, and now whenever someone sees a bug they ask me if I want to hold it, or get it close to my face, or ask me to come and see something "cool". I think I have a problem. Also, please don't say I should just face my fear, and PLEASE DO NOT post a pic of a bug or something in your answer.

2013-12-19 04:14:37

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