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A local politician running for reelection, claims that the mean prison time for car thieves is less than the required 4 years. A sample of 80 convicted car thieves was randomly selected, and the mean length of prison time was found to be 3 years, with a standard deviation of 1 year. At alpha=0.05, test the politicans claim Calculate the Test statistic Will you rejoct Ho or fail to reject Ho A statistics professor at an all-womens college determined that the standard edeviation of women's heights is 2.5 incches. The professor then randomly selected 41 male students from a nearby all male college and found the standard deviation to be 2.9 inches. Test the professors's claim that the standard deviation o male heights is greater than 2.5 inches. Use alpha= 0.01

2013-12-19 04:12:26

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