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Why am I not like most aries?

My moon sign is scorpio and my star sign is aries too -.- I am a very sensitive and sad kind of person. I would never picture myself being aggressive or a bully as people think aries are. When people online talk bad about aries it hurts me a lot. Idk why tho. I'm very shy and I have the anxiety disorder. Would that affect my aries nature?? I don't really see myself as self-centered as I know most aries are. I'm extremely insecure and I hate everything about me sometimes. My awkwardness anxiety shyness. I do however have a short temper. Like with my friends only. I feel so left out with my friends all into the astrology stuff. Everything describes them perfectly and they're amazed and like "What?" When they read mines and stuff. Help please!!

2013-12-19 04:19:48

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