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Pulse in left temple and headache?

Last night, I felt a line, like a vein, in my left temple. It had a pulse. I don't think I'd noticed it before last night. The line wasn't visible, but I could definitely feel it. There was also a smaller line a little bit below it. It also had a pulse. The top line went down, but when I put my finger on it, I can still feel a pulse. Also the line, but only faintly. I can still feel the lower line and its pulse. This is going to sound ridiculous, but you don't think it's anything serious, like an aneurysm, do you? If it helps, I'm sixteen, biologically female(I identify as male), and have been under a fair amount of stress in the past three days. Plus, I often go for hours without eating or drinking anything. I have anxiety issues and this is kinda making everything worse. Especially since I have a slight headache. Am I just worrying over nothing?

2013-12-19 04:23:50

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