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A good poem for hating my mom's boyfriend ?

He is a horrible man , he bust our Window and we had to sleep with a cardboard on it until the holiday was over . He's a drunk , I hate him so much. He beat my mom twice and hit her while she was in the hospital with a crutch . My whole family hates him , we call the police but he runs and when they do catch him he gets out the next day . He got my mom's car towed . He's on crack cocaine. He punched my little sister in the chest for trying to protect my mom . My brother had to fight him because he beat our mom who is on dialysis . I hate him so much . He acts so nice to me in front of my mom but mean to me when she's not around . She says she is still in love with him and she can't let go. She can't go into a safe home because she has to raise us . The cops said If I write the poem , and essay , and record some evidence . He can go to jail for child abuse , harming the harmless , description of property and get up to 15 years for a bunch of other things . I have the essay and evidence

2013-12-19 04:21:52

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