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What are we Friends or lovers?

Ok so I know this guy since I was little, his family are family friends. I haven't seen him in years and a few months ago we found each on Facebook and started talking. I finally met him and I felt so much attraction when I met him from then to this day we talk everyday flirt and it's even got the point that we talk dirty to each other but I haven't seen him since that day I met him the first time. I just want to know if he likes me. Here are a few things I have noticed: We don't talk the whole day only in the evenings and he is the one who always initiates the conversation Whenever i change my status he notices it and comments on it When we do have our dirty conversations he sends me half naked pics of him without me asking for it He sends me dirty jokes If I don't reply back he sends few more texts until I do He sometimes calls me baby girl He emphasizes his words, use emoticons and exclamation marks When i talk about other guys he does say much and changes the subject. Can someone explain this When I go out he doesn't want to know about it much the next day. Can someone explain this too He always suggests what films I should watch He told me he trusts me so much. We have had an argument one time, basically he sent me a load of pics of his body and I refused to do it and give him pics of mine. But we sorted it out and he is fine with it now. So does he like me or not. Need a big explanation please.

2013-12-21 15:35:56

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