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Does my mum actually think its okay or is she putting on an act?

I told my mum a bad thing that I did and I feel guilty about it. it was years ago that it happened when I told her she gave me loads of hugs and kisses and understood me and where I was coming from, I don't want her to treat me any differently from before just because she feels sorry 4 me. so she acts all lovey and seems ok, but how do I know if its an act or not? she might be disgusted inside and actually want to kill me? Things she does that make me think she actually is okay: She hugs me kisses me tells me what I did is alright says she wont tell anyone (which Is what I want her to do) someone comment down below how to spot fake sympathy. any ideas and ill see if she does them to know the truth. she's my mum so 80% of me thinks it is true that she does care but you never know. many thanks x x x

2013-12-21 15:34:31

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