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My mom has PAIN please help if you know any products?

Hey guys, my mom has been working in housekeeping for 26 years... Poor lady. But now recently (few days ago) she has been complaining about her right heel of her foot. Today she is now limping because it hurts so much for her, you can see it on her face :(... I was looking on amazon but there are bad reviews and im trying to get a product that will last awhile and will actually help. She is size 8 in womens. So please recommend a good product, i know it is "you get what you pay for" but if you can, find a 10-40$.... Alsoooo not nessceary but her wrists hurt now while working so if you know any wrist straps that would be helpful. :) thanks in advance

2013-12-21 15:45:51

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