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Are there any american summer camps for UK kids to go to?

I'm a 16 year old (17 this week), from the the uk, and this coming summer i'd like to spend in the usa. My parents don't want to go on holiday there, but they are happy to send me to a camp by myself. I've been on many long haul flights in my time, and my parents make me go through the airport alone, and sit on the plane alone so I have experience in getting through airports by myself, so the traveling alone thing is no problem for me. I know about CampAmerica, but that's actually working in a summer camp. I don't want to WORK in a summer camp, i want to GO TO a summer camp. So are there any US summer camps that except UK kids, or are designed for foreign kids? Camps that include travel fees would be good too. Thanks.

2013-12-21 15:45:29

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