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Planning to Move but not sure where?

Hi. As a family, we have decided to simplify our lifestyle and sell many of our things and move to Mexico. ( Me (aged 22) and my mom aged 45) So. I am a Programmer. I had a 2 successful start-ups. I LOVE math. but i'm programmer. I Have Clients from all around the world. BUT. i want to invest money in another country. well i live in Armenia for past 3 . which is the worst thing i ever did. So. I don't know where to start. what to search over the internet and what to learn about countries. note: that i want to pick a country for rest of my life. Well here are some countries i like USA: BUT i was deported. so i dont have chances to get there. MEXICO: i lived in mexico 2 times. in 2011 and 2007. in 2007 i was in Ensenada. i lived in a friends house. for like 3 months. i loved Ensenada. But i was young and i think i Liked the night life not the city. in 2011 i Lived in Ensenada and moved to mexico city. in Mexico City i lived in friends house but alone for about 4 months. I loved Mexico City. but i dont know why. Now why to move mexico? well the answer is the people using the internet is 50% of population. that's a huge number. Brazil : i love Brazil and i speak a little Portuguese. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the sixth most populous, and the seventh fifth in Internet usage. I am confused. Russia : I speak fluent Russian. but i hate russia. crime in business is like water on earth. like 80%. But i have a feeling that i want to move to Americas. HELP please. help me with any information you Can.

2013-12-21 15:39:11

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