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should I still be a doctor?

I am 15 and a couple of months ago I decided to become a doctor when I am older. However lately I have been having doubts. I have considered going into pharmacy or becoming a medical researcher eg researching drugs or cures(I recently went on a trip whih involved forensics and research like extracting DNA and I realised how much I love to do research in a lab (and wearing a lab coat lol!). Even all my friends see me as a scientist in the future). Also I am kinda put of having to study for 6 yrs ( im in the uk) while everyone else will be graduated and I want to be able to have a family later on in life. I defiantly want to be in the medical sector when I am older and I want to help people and use my abilities to their benefit. I am gifted and talented ( not to brag at all!!) so I could go into a lot of areas and I love and I am good at many different subjects. Anyone who experiew this before I would really apreciate your help!! Sorry if there are any typos

2013-12-21 15:41:53

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