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How does this girl feel about her boyfriend if she's doing things like this?

last spring I met this girl - I thought she was cool, and planned on keeping in touch (we went to the same school - shes 21 Im 27). She seemed obviousely attracted to me, and over the next 6 months emailed me to ask her out like 2-3 times. Eventually we started meeting up. She was thrilled when we met for dinner, but after a couple more times out she casually texted me about a bf. Not much had happened at that point (we were both really busy with school), but I pretty much called her and told her I didnt know she had a bf and she played dumb. These *were* dates however, no doubt about it, and she had been chasing me a bit for a while. She seemed upset when I hung up. So - how does she feel about her BF??? thats all Im hoping to know - like, what is the relatoinship with her boyfriend if she does this stuff. Not just date me for a few weeks, but seek me out for months?? what the heck is she doing with that guy? does she truly love him? does she even like him?

2013-12-21 15:44:43

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