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Slammed my finger into a car door?

yesterday I accidentally slammed my index finger and middle finger on a car door. I started walking but I felt a warm feeling on my fingers. I look down and see my 2 fingers clotted with blood. I run to the building, ask for 2 bandages and apply them to my fingers. I wiped off the blood and sat down. I went to school about half an hour later. It was half day so school only last until 11:30. When I got home I opened the bandages and I saw my whole middle fingernail, purple. It was also pointed outwards,just a little. My other finger had a few cuts with grey things around it. The doctors said I possibly broken the tip of the bones? Both fingers r throbbing. It hurts when u apply little pressure to it. The nail is still purple. So I need to ask: 1. Will it be okay? 2. When will my nail look normal? 3. It's pointed outwards, so when will it form back straight? 4. What should I do to relieve pain? 5. How long will it take to recover? Thanks in advance.

2013-12-21 15:58:28

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