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how do i know if a tooth is growing side ways?

i have a wisdom tooth growing in and it is a bit painful i have a fear that it is growing into my other tooth. a few years ago another wisdom tooth had to be taken out since it was growing into my teeth but with this tooth my dentist said he won't take it out and that it is growing straight up and it would fix itself if it is growing at an angle. now some of the tooth has come out of the gums so far i think some more has come out more recently as the tooth looks a bit bigger since last time i checked but the way i can feel it with my tongue it just feels like i am touching the side of the tooth not the top. the part that is out feels smooth and flat not rough and pointing like the top of my other teeth. but my mom told me i was saying this as a kid about a normal tooth that was growing in so i don't know. like i said the dentist says it is fine and even though it is paining me and though i just felt a sharp pain in the tooth next to it like something hit it the pain is nothing compared to the pain i had with my other wisdom tooth and it is manageable most of the time and i was told to just take a painkiller now and then when it gets worst. i know it is suppose to be painful it is basically teething for me but i guess i am a bit paranoid since what happened last time so should i be worried or should i just listen to what my dentist says. i know he is an expert in this area but you never know you do find people in jobs where they are obviously not good at but somehow manage to get

2013-12-21 16:08:29

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