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Helpp plZz ppl!! Im so worried idk what to do!!!?

So idk how come but im starting to like my cousin's ex. But his bestie is always tryin to put me down in front of him when ever im around him. And me nd tht guy hve already kissed nd went kinda far frm tht. Basically this started off whn we gave each other a dare nd i lose so he gave me a dare to kiss him. Then for like a week we hugged nd once kissed. But after the kiss he be lyk he still likes her nd feel guilty of wht he did. Bur we are cool now. Last friday he asked me out he said he was thinkin bout the kiss nd this queation came in his mind. But im sure he doesnt like me. And also why is his bestie whos my cousins frnd also is tryin to degrade me in front of him?? I want him to like me bck or is he just using me. What should i doo???:(((((

2013-12-21 16:03:17

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