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My best friend's parents are abusing her. Is there anything I can do to help?

My best friend is 14 years old. Last night at about 1AM she came to my house, with her nose bleeding and belt marks all over her body, to ask me if she could spend the night. She was really cold because she walked a little over 2 miles in the snow wearing no shoes, short pajama shorts and a tank top. I woke up my parents to explain what happened and ask them if my friend could spend the night. At first they told me to get her some warm clothes so they could drive her home, but then they saw how beat up she looked and they agreed to let her spend the night. They called my friend's parents to let them know that my friend made it to our house and would be spending the night. My friend's parents told my parents that they could keep my friend because they didn't want her to come home. Apparently they threw my friend out last night because she talked back to them. My friend doesn't want any of this to be reported to CPS. How can I help my friend?

2013-12-21 16:30:40

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