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Should i ignore her because i feel really hurt?

i compliment a girl that i like that she have nice eyes and she said thank you and smile later she was teasing me , like poking me from my back . And when i turn around she close her eyes like she sleeping , i stare at her and smile at her when she open her eyes we both laugh. I said i like her but she havent said anything. i said hi to her but she just stare at me and said hi nervously. We make a lot of eye contact and she didnt tease me like before. I write her a note . I said hey i like you a lot , how do you feel about me? She reply : sorry i lioe someone else . I squeeze the paper and throw it away . And ignoring her after . She poke me and ask me if im alright but i didnt answer or turn around. Today i hear from my friend that she thought i hated her so i said to her : hey samantha , i dont hate you . And she said i know and she softly said sorry . I said ok and turn away in sad way I saw her become quiet and seem sad after that. Am i being a jerk to her? But i feel really hurt. I said merry chrismas to her today and she said merry chrismas happy new year to me . My friend give her a goodbye hug , she hug him but when i ask for one she seem like confusing . So i didnt hug her . I feel so sad now like rejected I have 2 choices continue become friends with her or ignore her like she dont exist . What is a good choice? But i think ignore her is the best way because i reallt feel hurt. And i bet she dont even know it

2013-12-21 16:29:53

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