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How is life in Oregon?

I'm currently a high school senior living in Florida, but I've always wanted the chance to live somewhere up north. My plan would be to finish some years in college then go ahead and relocate, and I thought Oregon would be the perfect place, since I had my eye on the pacific NW. How is life in Oregon different from here in Florida? How cold does it get? I've been living in Florida (both central and south) for most of my life, but I was born in and stayed in south Califorina for a few years before that so I've almost always been in hot climates. Are the jobs good? (I plan on becoming a general doctor). How is life/weather/etc different from the coast an more inland? Anything I need to now? Pros and cons? Things to do? Best areas to look into? I'd like the coast, but I heard it's gets colder there than the inland and is away from bigger cities. I rather live somewhere in the suburbs but with relatively easy access to shopping centers, etc. Thanks!

2013-12-21 16:29:51

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