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I bought something through ebay but i can't see tracking?

(Before I explain, Everything i've bought HAS a tracking number and has been shipped) I recently bought a couple items on ebay, It's a phone (plus separately bought accessories) if the info helps, but i bought it all on the the same time on 26th of december and shipped a couple minutes after i paid. I know that shipping/tracking information doesn't display for a couple minutes hours or up to a day. and on the 27th, tracking information was updated for everything EXCEPT my phone. its just blank, but it definitely says the item is shipped via user input, i also went to the USPS website and enter the tracking number and all it says is "Shipping information/data confirmed" and nothing else. all of my other items have locations. all of my items are scheduled on or before december 31st (It will get here on the 30th though because my items with visible tracking show that it's residing in a postal office very close to where I live.) The only thing is that the main thing im trying to get; the phone, doesn't show ANY location even though it is also supposed to arrive on the 30th out of everything I bought, the phone is coming from a state closer to where I live versus the accessories, which came from California. even though i cannot see tracking numbers for this item, is it still on its way? is it be because the after holidays that information is a bit laggy? or is it that it's because it has a Lithium Ion battery? I'm really trying to get my item before new years.

2013-12-30 01:44:28

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