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Relationship advice any kind of input?

Ok i recently asked how long did you date before becoming official. Or did you become official without even having that talk... No one really answered my question. So here is a new one. I've been dating this guy for 8 months. Yes 8 months and we have not had "the talk" of becoming official. Well not recently. We have talked about it a long time ago. He has relayed he sometimes takes longer because he's jumped into any past girl he has dated and it turned out bad. So he wants to just take it slow. However! He has told me he definitely sees a future with me and really likes how we are going. He acts like a boyfriend for sure. I hang out with his friends and family. Him and I recently went to dinner with his parents and had a great time. Him and his parents bought Xmas gifts for my daughter and I. I've been on a couple camping trips with his friends and family. He opens my doors. He always starts my car for me in the morning so it's warm, gets my bags out of my car. He just does little things that are sweet gestures. I'm at his house 3-4 nights a week. We talk every day. Anyway I think you get it, we have a great time together and I really have no complaints. "Girlfriend" has slipped out of his mouth a couple of times. No "I love yous" I do love this man...very much so. He's been amazing. I guess my question is, anyone ever been in this situation. Has anyone ever became "official" without having that convo? He's relayed that it takes him some time. And I respect that. He told me he wants to make sure we are real. Our situation is real. Since day one we met it's been fireworks and all. There hasn't been a day we don't talk to one another. We have a strong trust with each other and both have decided to only see each other. He has also said he believes in dating for a year before making big changes. As in living with each other and getting serious on that level. The other girls he's dated always moved in right away (I said that in my other post) maybe not clear

2013-12-30 01:39:43

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