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Help me am I going crazy?

I talk to myself. To keep myself company I suppose. As a kid I used to have "imaginary friends" and I used to get bullied for it at school because you used to find me sitting by myself just talking to thin air and expecting a reply. As I got older my "friends" disappeared and now I am able to imagine places and people and make them seem real. It's getting quite creepy because although it's comforting to be able to be somewhere else my "imaginary world" seems to becoming so real I actually believe that it will come true. I imagine something that will happen to me in the future that I wish will happen and it's becoming very real. I will talk to myself wherever and whenever, I pace a lot when I talk to myself and seem to move my hands a lot too. It's a bit of a difficult action to describe I technically wave my hands sort of with my arms by my sides. I feel like a psycho because I can really see it but I don't it to be too real that I become immune to reality help me please

2013-12-30 01:43:45

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