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I had a dream a Black Widow bit me and no one would help me?

I had a dream I was with a few friends and we were out and about when a black widow bit my arm. I immediately started to see the effects of it in my dream and was asking someone to take me to the ER. They all kept telling me I would be fine, even though I was clearly having a reaction to the bite. The girl in my dream telling me I would be fine was my friends girlfriend. What does the Black Widow represent? What does no one helping me represent? I can't lie, I've been very lonely this last year. I don't really go out anymore after my ex dumped me. In the last year I had a heart surgery, a nose surgery, and recently found I have a concussion that hasn't healed after three years so I've been recovering from that. I would just like to know the meaning behind the spider biting my arm and no one helping me. Thanks for you time reading this!

2013-12-30 01:44:33

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