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important DHL global/amazon delivery question?

hey, i ordered a single item package last tuesday, december 24th (christmas eve). i got an amazon gift card that day, so i bought something right away. it says it is 0.021 lbs, i used standard shipping, i live in NJ, and again, i placed the order on the 24th. it says the ship carrier is DHL Global mail. then, on Dec 26th, it said the package was "picked up by shipping partner at Oxnard, CA (4:00pm) then again, on Dec 26th, at Compton, CA, it said "arrival DHL global mail facility" at 8:00pm. that same night, it said "processed" at 9:29pm in Compton, CA. yesterday, the 28th, at 5:48am it said "ready for transport to usps" in Secaucus, NJ. i understand that because today's sunday, that nothing happened today. anyone know what those mean,and by the info i provided, do any of you have a guess of when the package should arrive to my house? i would really appreciate it!! PS: on amazon its expected delivery is Dec 31st-Jan 6th, but it's really hard to really believe amazon's estimations, because it was supposed to first ship Dec. 31st-Jan 2nd., and i've had packages come days or even weeks ahead of expectations. but, this one's really important, and i need it ASAP!

2013-12-30 01:57:55

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