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I like it when my mom plays with her shoes?

So my mom wears a lot go high heels that are around 7-8in, and she has around 50-60 pairs of just high heels. She wears mostly mules, pumps, platforms, and sling backs. All of these are more than 7in at least. And also, when she wears them, she shoe plays in them. She dips constantly while she is standing and when she is leaning on something. She also dangles her high heels a lot, and she dangles it by the toes, where it is almost about to fall down. For example, today we went shopping and my mom was a wearing a pair of 8in mules, that were basically stripper heels. I attached a picture of the exact ones she wore today. At the counter, it took about 10 minutes, because there was some problem with the cash register, and also we bought a lot of stuff. During the whole 10 minutes, she dipped in them constantly. At one point, she had even lost her shoe, and she had to look down to find her heel. IT WAS SO HOT! She also wears heels barefoot, so its even hotter. She made so much noise when the heel hit the ground and was being played around with. So, my question is: Is this normal for moms to do? And, is it normal for me to like it???

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