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Convince mom to let me dye my hair?

In the summer I put hydrogen peroxide in my hair several times to try and get blonde (I naturally have medium to dark brown hair). And as you can imagine it turned eventually turned bright orange. That was in June. So you can imagine the crazy roots I have now lol. And the orangey-ness has faded to become a strawberry-light brown color (it's like strawberry blonde but darker slightly darker and a little bit more goldish if that makes any sense (sorry I feel like it's hard to explain)). It looks super bright on me because you can see it contrasting with my dark brown roots so it makes the roots look almost black in comparison. When I was younger my hair used to turn blonde in the summer (naturally) and that's how I convinced my mom I didn't dye my hair. But now I want to dye it back to brown? How do I ask her if I can dye it without telling her I used peroxide on it? If anyone wants to know how crazy long my roots are they are 3 inch grow out no joke. Help!

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