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I really need all the help you all can give!!?

So this girl I've been talking to. She finally on break from school so ive been really trynna hang with her but so much kept coming up.we was gonna go to the movies but we ended up ice skating. It was me her mom and her lil relatives.. We talked the whole time. It was weird at first bcuz I haven't seen her in a while.. I've been working out and I was well groomed. She face me a hug when I came in & she came with me to get my skates. We both talked a long time. We got on the subject talkin about pl that kno..she asked me did I know this one guy & I told her he was like my bro.. She said she know he's a player n he talked to one of her friends.she said he was good looking but wouldn't go with him. We talked a lot. It's hard to make her out. She is extremely gorgeous. At one moment, I was gonna say something to her & I just found myself looking in her eyes, she smiled and I smiled and looked off. It's possible she may like me,I just don't kno.. What u think? Y think she may like my boy?

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