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Help my relationship has no romance it's dull and my bf doesn't care?

There is no romance in my relationship,we don't have date night,we don't go out. I have told him a couple times before that we need romance and he bought me flowers the one day only because I complained. I wrote him a note on valentines day explaining how much our relationship means to me and I have played him songs that reminded me of us. But he doesn't write me notes or take me out to dinner or go to the movies. I told him for Christmas all I wanted was an engagement ring , and he said he wants to get married and calls me his wife but says he wants to wait until he can afford a nice ring. I told him I don't need an expensive ring just a ring and nice romantic proposal would be nice. But he bought me a cheap nail set for Christmas instead and after I went all out for him for Christmas. I just get disappointed because I want some romance. Doesn't even have to be something that costs money even like a night just the two of us with some candles and a movie or dinner, or anything! And I've told him this. If he put half the time and energy into his car and video games it would be great. But no :(

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