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A question about my big toe :L!?

Okay so for a few months not I've had what I think is an ingrown toe nail, and the big toe on my left foot has been slightly, and I mean slightly swollen in the corner and it's all red. So one day I managed to take a part of my toenail off from the corner, and it relieved some on the pain, and now today I was clipping my nails and I noticed the tiniest amount of clear liquid in the side of my toe, and I mean it was such a small amount. So I wiped it with a tissue and it was clear. Now under the corner of my toenail when I pull the skin back there is a tiny tiny tiny white dot kind of thing as if it is full of puss. I'm scared to squeeze it, and I was told that this is a life threatening infection. And I'm shaking right now with anxiety, I suffer quite badly from it. Please someone explain what this is, and is it life threatening?

2012-10-27 01:08:48

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