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Can I request a General if I have to have a C section?

I have two friends who have had C sections and they happen to be the only 2 people I know who have had epidurals. Both their epidurals were botched. First one was elective because of some unrelated problems and when it came to opening up one side was numb and when they got to the other side it was not and she felt it. She said she will never have another kid again because of it. The second one they went too far in, the epidural worked but a few days later she had a really bad headach and she was paralised on one side. They found all her spinal fluid had leaked into to her body and her brain was laying on her spine and crushing her spinal cord. It's taken a year for it to build up again and many MRIs and a huge court case taking on the biggest and best maternity hospital in the country. This is my third baby to reach viability. The last two I only used gas/air. the only reason I would need an epi would be because of an emergency C section but was wondering if I can ask to have a general instead. My husband is cool with it and OK to not be in the room when the baby is born. He just wants it out and healthy basically. Also how do I bring it up with my doc?

2012-10-27 01:11:41

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