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Could there be something wrong with my jaw that makes me yawn?

So I get these headaches. And I yawn almost constantly. My teachers at school always look at me SUPER annoyed because im just sitting there yawning my head off the whole time and im like sorry im trying to not but i cant help it! So I started to think maybe it was because of my bad bite (im gettin braces in december) and maybe thats why my headaches happen too or it could be something else related to the jaw otherwise maybe its stress cuz im a teenager and ive been under lots of stress lately (not that being a teenager is an excuse for anything) have you ever heard of this happening or do you think its possible? btw i dont think its tmj because my jaw has never hurt and it doesnt really make clicking noises except sometimes when i move it to the side it makes a kind of noise i dont know how to describe it (but this might happen to everybody idk) my ears pop sometimes but not a lot please anyone who can help?

2012-10-27 01:17:18

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