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Is becoming deputy or police officer in my city a good job to maintain my wife and kid?

I live in Houston Texas and I was thinking about becoming a deputy or a police officer. I am qualified to apply for this positions after my service is done in the USMC. Here are the salary charts for this 2 positions. I also plan on having more kids and my wife is going to become a registered nurse. (I'm bilingual) Police Cadet / Probationary Police Officer$32,664 Police Officer$44,007 – $66,098 Sr. Police Officer$68,660 - $73,768 Police Sergeant$73,218 - $87,421 Police Lieutenant$81,742 - $96,703 Police Captain. $95,140 - $109,094 Police officer rank is attained after 2 years on the department. The Senior Police Officer rank is attained after an officer completes 12 full years on the department. For Police sergeant, you have be in the department for 5 years and you will be eligible to take a test, like the other PO's, the highest score gets to get promoted. And that's if their is any sergeant positions available. *Average yearly compensation does not include overtime or shift/weekend differential pay. Deputy Entry $40,643 1 yr $44,699 4 yr $47,860 7 yr $50,689 10 yr $53,248 14 yr $55,889 16yr $59,800 Incentive pay Bilingual $150/monthly Semester 60 hours $110/monthly Weapon allowance $75/monthly TCLEOSE certificate inter. Peace officer $130/monthly 260 hours comp. time after that is overtime The benefits in this 2 positions are the same. I want to know, in your opinion, which one is better? If comp. time isn't enough, I do plan to get a 2nd job. Work hard play hard. I also calculated the bills I'm going to be paying and we are going to live in 1 bedroom apt. To save money to live in a house. Every month I will be paying $1,900. If any one can answer this I will appreciate it and don't worry if you write a paragraph I will still read it. Thank you!

2013-03-08 20:04:23

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