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What are the areas of Tampa Florida?

I'm considering USF for college. I currently live in North Florida and have to stay in Florida because I have Florida Bright Futures, and the few times I've been to Tampa I've kind of liked it. So why not? I like to search for apartments and see what I can do and afford (can't afford much because it's coming out of my pocket). Maybe you can guide me a bit. What are some affordable but relatively safe areas (maybe near campus)? I would much rather take some cute, historical duplex than some modern high-rise, if that makes a difference. It'd be really nice to enjoy that ocean breeze. Is there a good public transportation system? Would it be necessary for me to bring my car? Is driving there as bad as it is in Miami? In other words, would it be important to live near campus? Just tell me what you think about Tampa, haha.

2012-10-27 01:16:59

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