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Can laptops cause bodily problems?

This is a really stupid question, but I'm the types of people that worries about everything constantly. So today I was using my laptop to talk into it as a microphone because my friend lost his. So I made a Skype account, and before I got online on my PS3, which is what we were playing on, i just used the microphone on the laptop to talk, I had nothing to elevate my laptop with, so I just used a chair. I have one of those gaming chairs that you can sit on real low to the ground with the speakers and everything. So the chair holding my laptop was very close to my face/head, the whole 3 hours I was playing. Is it a possibility that I could get like cancer or a tumor or something from this. Because it was extremely close to my face. Could my coordination get all messed up from this? Please, no stupid answers. I know there's going to be that one idiot to say something stupid. Thanks to most of the people that answer and that one idiot.

2014-01-14 04:57:34

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