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Range extended or router not working?

I have a RE2000 linksys range extender that I have synched to my netgear router in another building fairly close (about 50ft). The range extender is in my house and I do get full strength wifi but for some reason my phone is unable to join the network? IS there something wrong with the router or is it the extender? I tried calling technical support and they were unable to help me. I reset my range extender 2wice and I always get the wifi signal but I cannot connect to it. The wifi works fine in the other building where the router is but for some reason it's not working in my house! I know it should work because I had one before that used to work but I needed to replace it because of a power outage. I se up this new one exact like the last one and I don't know why it's not working! Thanks

2014-01-14 04:50:36

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