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Frilled Lizards as Pets?

I love frilled lizards, and therefore was happy to find that they can be kept as pets. What I read seemed convey that they are neat, good with handling, and overall a good reptile to keep. The research I did was just on the basic stuff, so I was hoping you could answer some questions? (I would never buy without full knowledge of how to properly care for it, and taking into consideration my budget). 1. What size cage? 2. Housed alone, or in pairs? 3. Opinion on handling? 4. Temperament? 5. Tank furnishings? 6. Diet? 7. Personal thoughts regarding the species? 8. Common pricing for them in the US? 9. Availability? 10. How hard are they to care for? 11. Additional care requirements? Thanks

2014-01-14 04:58:24

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