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Code P1298 2001 honda civic?

I just purchased a 2001 Honda civic a few weeks ago and of course the check engine light is now on. I took it to auto zone and they said it was P1298... apparently something to do with the computer... they said not to worry about it if the car is running fine, it was. Well the next day my battery light kept coming on and going off so I took it back and had them check my battery and the alternator, they said it was the battery so I purchased a new one. Now three days later my battery light is doing the same thing again, it seems to me that it is highly unlikely that my battery is bad already. My question is does anyone know if this code would cause a problem with either my alternator or discourage my battery from charging in some way? Helpful answers are very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

2014-01-14 04:58:30

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