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How do I get rid of my foreheads fine lines?

Ok now I'm 17 and I ran a lot outside for like crosscountry and track and my skin paid for it. Its been a year since I was in crosscountry last year and my skins heald a lot but my forehead still looks weird. I like the way I look; my forehead is my only insecurity. Would chemicle peels work? How long till it naturally goes away? Oh and I also had a lot of acne on my forehead for a few years and Ithink that made it even worse. I got my acne under control. Ionly got a few pimples on my forehead now. Oh and one other question if yur so kind :D but u don't have to answer. Why do some people not get affected or are affected very little by the sun? I had 2 friends inboth crosscountryand track and they have fair skin (white) and didn't show any signs of sun damage, not even a little bit tanned. Now me on the other hand am tan and was affected pretty easily I even got a little tanner than normal. Genetics? Products? They did not use sunscreen. Sorcery? Idk. Ok thanks :D

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