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What are the best fake tans on the market?

Let me start off by BEGGING you to not mention Jergen's. It's awful. Just don't even mention it.. Not L'oreal Sublime Bronze either.. that stuff is so sticky and rubs off. So just don't. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR DRUGSTORE BRANDS. I'm willing to pay a lot as long as it's good quality and I'm getting what I pay for. I'm really pretty pale.. and I like being tan a lot better. I've gotten really pale throughout the winter and it's now just getting on my nerves. I just look better tan, everyone does. I had originally planned on not even caring this winter but now I do. I don't need to be TAN but I need to get a little color back in my skin. Even if it's just a bit of a glow.. as long as it's there I'll be happy. I don't need to be summer tan. I don't want to pay for a spray tan either. Last winter I used Fake Bake Flawless.. that was the best tanning stuff that I had used by far.. it was good because it didn't have that harmful ingredient in it either. The application was easy.. however it could quickly start looking orange. After just a few days of using it I was an oompa loompa.. but for some reason I kept using it. Okay maybe I remember it worse than it actually was but it wasn't that natural looking. What really got me though is that when it starts to come off it doesn't come off smoothly, or at least it didn't for me. I would get these weird little patches and it was just gross. So after two bottles of it I decided to retire it. The upkeep wasn't worth it either.. well.. at least not for the level of tan that I was trying to achieve last year.. my standards for darkness are much much lower this year though lol. ONE BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG thing that I REALLY can't deal with is the triangles that you get on your arms where you've been sweating, in the joint of your arm. Like if I had been jogging it would rub off wear the sweat was.. that included on my sports bra and on my shorts and such. Not fun.. and not fun to try to touch up. Is there ANY tan that DOESN'T do that? Especially if it's a thin application and I'm not trying to get that dark? Two tanning products that I'd like more information on if possible.. Million Dollar Tan Eco Tan (I think it's from Australia?) The biggest problem that I've had with fake tans is the way that they fade and the spots that rub off when I workout. EVERY TIME I WORKOUT. Which is everyday... so.. Also, I would really like it to not have whatever chemical that the others do.. the bad one.. you know lol. Thank you!

2014-01-14 05:09:35

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