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The Side Of My Toe Nail Hurts Help!?

Okay so last summer I got part of my left toenail removed because it was ingrown. They remove from the middle of my toenail all the way to the right from top to bottom. Anyways It has started growing again but my problem is that since they cut the nail off, there wasn't anything to stop the skin from going where the nail was if that makes any sense. Anyways so now my skin is where part of my nail should be and it seems like it is growing into my skin again. It is swollen and red, just like the last time my nail was ingrown. Any help? Can it be that I hit my toe a couple times, and it gonna go away? The pain and the swollen toe started just about 2 days ago. And if it is ingrown any tips on preventing this again? I have gonna a total of 2 times and hope not to go again for the third time. And I do when hopefully not a 4th time. I wear Vans shoes too.

2014-01-14 05:07:48

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