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Where do you get your opinions about Christians or atheists?

Is it from day to day, face to face interaction with them? Or is it from reading about them? Or watching the news, or movies, or tv shows about them? I know very few atheists so most of what I know about them is actually from the Internet. Some are nice, intelligent and polite, others are mean spirited, arrogant and very rude. And with Christians I know many many of them in my face to face interactions so it is from first hand knowledge not from what I read nor see on tv or the movies and to be honest most Christians I know are extremely nice and kind, but some on here can be arrogant and judgmental if your beliefs do not meld exactly with their beliefs, they can call you a false Christian, wow!!!. So where do you get your opinions about these groups?

2014-01-16 20:53:27

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