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Stuck on names for a school story?

So for school I have to write a story in set in the WW1-WW2 type time. In my story I've decided I'm going to have six siblings, but I can't decide between names. Please chose a first and middle name out of the selection and decide if it should be boy/girl!!! 1. Boys- Hugo, William, Henry, Joshua, Joseph, Matthew Girls- Margot, Mirabelle, Ellen, Ailsa, Georgina, Harriet 2. Boys- Jacob, Peter, Samuel, Thomas, Robert, David Girls- Bea, Mariam, Iris, Jessica, Rosie, Sarah 3. Boys- Steven, Jude, John, Alfie, Jack Girls- Eva, Daisy, Debra, Chrissie, Louise, Catherine 4. Boys- Charles, Edward, Joel, Nathaniel, Timothy, Daniel Girls- Lucy, Claudia, Emily, Lydia, Abigail, Esther 5. Boys- Michael, Cornelius, Simon, Gabriel, Fabian, Leo Girls- Alexia, Mabel, Amelia, Clara, Antonia, Felicity 6. Boys- George, Hector, Geoffrey, Jasper, Albert, James Girls- Florence, Eden, Dulcie, Pansy, Bethany, Olivia Please help. It would be great if you could :) -Violet

2014-01-16 20:54:10

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