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Where can i learn about the stock market (please read description)?

Ok so im 17 living in U.s florida and i wanted to learn about the stock market and how i can earn money with it keep in mind im only 17 and cannot get a brokerage account and can only get a custodial account (in my understanding) , which im not. Right now im looking at videos on how to trade penny stocks on youtube and whats the difference between them and blue chips etc. Im also looking at this website called that teaches me how Warren Buffett earned his money and his point of view on investment and the stock market. The website has really helped me a lot with a lot of terms like income net, P/E , What are shares ,How to calculate values, the formula he used with his old teacher to help him get the best company shares, what are bonds and many more things, its a simple website that teaches you with videos and lesson/courses and is pretty simple.So i at least learned something (keep in mind that ive learn this stuff only in 2 days ). But now i wanna learn how to trade stocks , how to use the stock market , etc. So is there a website that i can use that could teach me these things and have real life life problems etc ? Thank you very much and thanks for reading. :)

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