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Is there a chance that it's anxiety?

I go to hospital a lot about stomach pain and random other symptoms. Mainly because I throw up a lot after eating, I have signs of GERD and things like that. But I'm wondering if it could just be anxiety? I don't eat a lot, probably half a small plate and I'm done, I get worried about eating then after I eat I throw up slightly. Sometimes in the night I get hot flashes and my heart goes 100 bpm. I ache, I'm tired a lot of the time, constant headaches, I get panicky in public and hate being left alone. When I went for a biopsy, the doctor could only see mild inflammation due to the GERD, which is why I'm questioning my acid reflux at all. I had glandular fever 6 months ago and the doctor wants to have me checked up often just in case it's ME/CFS. I'm also suicidal and I self harm now and again. When I get mood swings I feel sick to my stomach but empty at the same time. Sorry my reasons are quite vague. Can anybody relate to this and give me advice?

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